Fairfax Medical Leader Hopes to Show Community Work/Life Balance for Health and Happiness

(Fairfax, Va.) Fairfax County could benefit from some relaxation. As one of the wealthiest counties in the nation with an economic growth rate standing consistently over the national average, achievement is high, and rest and family time may easily slip out of harmony. Dr. Addo Ayunsu, MPH Director of the Fairfax County Department of Health, hopes to help the community in finding the essential work/life balance to empower the community to achieve more than ever, with stamina and energy at work and at home, with the help of free yoga and dance demonstrations.

Dr. Ayunsu will partner with the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Farmers Insurance to offer a free workshop to all Fairfax professionals, after work on May 31st (5pm-7pm), at Farmers Insurance in Reston (directions here). Attendance is free, simply register online at VAHCC.com, and remember to bring yoga clothes/sneakers.

For more information about this fantastic resource, available to all members of Faifax’s diverse professional community, contact Mary Sirvent at 703-390-0303 or email info@vahcc.com.


About The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The VAHCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural commerce and economic development.

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