The VAHCC Will Participate in the Governor’s Bowl Food Bank Challenge, and You Can Join In

JOIN THE CHALLENGE May 28, 2012 – July 4, 2012! Help the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce support Virginia food banks during the “1st Annual Governor’s Bowl Food & Fund Drive.”

There are more people in our area who are at risk of hunger than ever before, yet they’re easy to miss.  The child sitting quietly in the back of the classroom.  The co-worker skipping lunch.

Every day, Virginia’s food banks is working to meet their needs.  More people than ever rely on emergency food assistance through the Food Bank each month.  Many are unemployed, underemployed and making tough choices between paying for food and life’s  basic necessities.   You can help this summer during the “1st Annual Governor’s Bowl Food & Fund Drive!”  Join  Governor McDonnell as he leads this friendly competition between chambers of commerce to raise food and funds for Virginia’s food banks.

Here’s how the Governor’s Bowl  works:

  1. The competition is organized regionally, with the winning Chamber per category (small, medium, and large) receiving the “Governor’s Bowl” for collecting the most money and food for its local food bank.
  2. Drop-off sites for donations will be located at the Chamber office during regular business hours.
  3. All participating businesses MUST be Chamber members.
  4. Financial contributions will be converted to pounds, with $1 equaling four pounds.
  5. Register your business now.
  6. You may donate online by clicking the “donate now” button.  When entering your gift, you MUST include the name of your local Chamber office in the “designation” section in order for it to receive credit towards the awards.

Click here for Ideas on how your business may participate.

Click here for Rules on counting non-perishable food.


About The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The VAHCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural commerce and economic development.

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