Pioneer Hispanic Astronaut Acaba to be Featured in Live Student Q&A from Space

joe acaba nasa

Joe Acaba, the first Puerto Rican astronaut, will be among those on board the ISS to conduct a live video Q&A with students at the Science Museum of Virginia on July 5th.

Richmond, VA – NASA, in collaboration with the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Science Museum of Virginia, Univision, and the National Institute of Aerospace, will host a live in-flight downlink on July 5th at the Science Museum to provide students with the rare opportunity to talk to NASA astronauts who are currently in space. The Q&A will feature the astronauts on board the ISS (International Space Station), including Joe Acaba, the first Puerto Rican astronaut.

Students attending the event will be able to directly communicate with the astronauts as they provide insight into living and working in space. Univision will provide national coverage of these inspirational interviews.

Michel Zajur, President of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says “This event allows Hispanic students to learn first-hand about the opportunities available to them through pursuing higher education and aspiring to achieve their dreams. Speaking to NASA astronauts will provide insight to the exciting possibilities of careers in science and technology,”. Zajur goes on to say, “The future of the United States depends on an educated future workforce to compete on the global market, and many of tomorrow’s scientists and astronauts will be coming from the rapidly growing Hispanic community. With initiatives like this event,we hope to promote science and engineering to these young people.”

The VAHCC Foundation’s educational program, ‘Passport to Education,” is taking action toward this initiative by providing Hispanic students and families with resources and educational opportunities to achieve their full academic potential and to pursue higher education. “Passport to Education” has worked closely with NASA, Univision, the National Institute of Aerospace, and the Science Museum of Virginia to invite Hispanic students and families to the event, featuring on-board Hispanic astronaut Acaba as a role model for the Hispanic community. In addition to the event on July 5th, the “Passport to Education” program has been working with NASA to organize summer camps for Hispanic youth to promote the study of science and technology.

Univision will broadcast a special featuring NASA’s “Summer of Innovation Program”,  the interaction with the astronaut and its impact on Hispanic students who have participated in NASA-inspired initiatives.

Terri Rose, Director of Communications and Curiosity at the Science Museum of Virginia, inviting families to take part in this enriching event, said, “The Science Museum is a place for people to dream.  Kids attending this event will be inspired to become an astronaut or invent the next space station.” Families wishing to attend may email for registration.

This public event will be broadcast live on



About The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The VAHCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural commerce and economic development.

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