DC Dialogue on Diversity Conference Focuses on Tech & Entrepenuership

Washington, DC [CapitalWirePR] September 19, 2012 – Friday, September 21 the Dialogue on Diversity 2012 Entrepreneurship/Information Technology Conference is presented at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center at 901 K Street, N.W.,  Washington, D.C. Conference registration may be made today at www.dialogueondiversity.org for this free-to-the-public program. The 2012 Conference agenda focuses on the encounter of the perennial entrepreneurial quest with the advancing IT revolution — with added exploration of the effects of IT on effective civic engagement among entrepreneurs themselves as well as rank and file citizens.
Summing up the projected conference, Ma. Cristina Caballero, Dialogue on Diversity President, appealed to “interested women business owners, professionals, and civil society staff and executives, the target audience of the Dialogue’s program cycle, as users of the transformative innovations of IT, but also the creative IT industries themselves – the creators of the new working and social environment – which are growing with dazzling speed on their own dynamic.  The latter sometimes called the ‘techpreneurs’.”
A Conference highlight will be the midday session address by Frank Torres, Microsoft’s Consumer Affairs Director, introduced by Mr. Suhail Khan, Microsoft’s Director of External Affairs.  Mr. Torres, a student of the privacy challenges affecting American life and civic discourse,  is among the most articulate commentators within corporate America on the issues of privacy in our national life.  Alejandra Castillo, Deputy National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency, DOC, continues the midday session with an overview of business conditions.
The opening Conference session, moderated by Jason Llorenz, takes up the respective roles of the users and the creators of IT, bringing together such speakers as Aaron Brauer-Rieke of the FTC on commercial data collection and the accompanying privacy risks, and Tim Dioquino of MicroTech, a Virginia software development firm, himself an architect of advancedc IT systems, along with Cristina Mossi, of DEVIS, Arlington, Virginia, the quintessential woman business owner, combining a rich technical expertise with a skilled hand in managing her creative team.
The supplier diversity topic is again presented through a quartet of its leading advocates and practitioners. Mark Oliver, head of supplier diversity practice at the Department of the Interior, and chief of the OSDBU Interagency Council, is joined by Theresa Speake, formerly head of diversity at the Department of Energy, Kenneth Clark, President of the metro area Minority Supplier Development council, and finally the PEPCO Holdings diversity expert Charlie Partridge, head of supplier diversity programs at PEPCO Holdings, Inc.
An array of entrepreneurship questions are aired in afternoon panels, moderated by Jacquelyn Puente of Comcast. Carlos Guzman discusses a new departure in marketing through the B2B/B2G Matchmakers system. Sandra Eberhard, Executive Director of Washington WBENC, lays out the procedures for certification as a minority- or women-owned business for certain government contracting programs.  Stephanie King and Robert Watkins  of the SBA hold forth on certain of these programs — the HUB geographical Zones, the 8(a) economically-disadvantaged preferences, the newly instituted industry-specific preferences for women-owned enterprises, etc.
Manuel A. Rosales, of the Latino Coalition, Gus West, of The Hispanic Institute,  along with moderator Allison Remsen of Mobile Future, and representatives of Organizing for America and RNC Virginia Hispanic Outreach, take up the vexed question of the flagging the sense of civic engagement among large swaths of the U.S. population.  The questions posed to this panel bring to the fore the problems of inequality in income, education, and cultural savvy, as the genesis of the ominous class-defined civic alienation.
Among sponsors and supporting groups for the 2012 Conference are the Microsoft Corporation, hosting the sessions at its Innovation/Policy Center, Southwest Airlines, and AT&T. Collaborating organizations include the SBA, and MBDA, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, D.C. Office of Latino Affairs, MicroTech,. PEPCO Holdings, Latino Coalition, MD/DC MSDC, The Hispanic Institute, OSDBU Council, Federal Trade Commission, Google, Mobile Future, CHCI, and many others.  Our media partner is again CapitalWirePR.

About The Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The VAHCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural commerce and economic development.

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